The Struggles of Wearing a Chastity Cage

Do you often think about the chastity lifestyle, or are you afraid that you will experience days of torture and anguish while locked up? Read my testimonial to find out about the benefits, why it makes relationships fun, and the struggles of wearing one.

Why I Decided to Be in Chastity

Three years ago, I couldn’t keep my hands off my dick. My marriage entered a stage where we had already tried lots of sexual experiments. While our sex life was satisfactory, I was always hungry for more. I found myself distracted with my cock for weeks on end.

Frequent masturbation allowed me to release tension and fantasize about other women. However, I was oversexed after jerking off several times a day. It made me unfocused, especially at work, home, and in bed. After some time, I finally had a severe reality check, and I realized that it was time to stop!

Fortunately, I found a solution in a seemingly diabolical-looking device. The idea was that I would try a male chastity device. I would also give the key to my special lady.

Talking to My Wife About It

Back in my sex-obsessed days, my wife didn’t know that I had a porn and masturbation addiction. Yet, when my problem came to light, I decided to confront her with my idea.

I explained that my constant obsession with my penis was never her fault. It was merely my curiosity. Then, research showed us that chastity could help me regain my self-control. We had also read a lot of testimonials and found that cock cages also allowed couples to improve their intimacy. I was curious to see how my wife would take control of the release frequency and the reward system.

When I explained my problem, she was somewhat confused yet very supportive and open-minded. She thought it was a brave decision. Then, she agreed. Luckily, she also wanted to try something new and take on a more dominant side. Thus, we decided to lock my cock up!

Choosing the Right Chastity Cage for Me

If you’re reading my story because you want to embrace chastity, note that it requires patience and research. Not every belt or metal cage will suit you. Primarily, you should aim for a tight fit with a flaccid penis. However, it shouldn’t be painful or constricting. It should never cause physical pain. And while it is supposed to block your erection, the cage must never obstruct your blood flow entirely.

When I made my decision, my wife and I decided to choose together. We opted for a stainless steel cage with a cock ring and tube. Before ordering one, we took measurements of my cock’s length and girth when it was flaccid. The experience we shared was already promising!

How Did It Feel as the Days and Weeks Passed?

But before the cage arrived, I read that beginners should try it for a few hours first. The plan was to stick to this advice. That meant I had to build up my tolerance first.

After a few frustrating days of wearing a cage, my dick got used to being in the device for several hours at a time. I was ready to extend the wear time to a few days.

However, that will be different for every guy. If you work hard, you could get to a stage where it will feel almost natural to wear it for several weeks.

It’s true that the chastity device can feel unpleasant at first. But, if you get over your physical struggle, the experience turns into something truly unique. Namely, when I gave away the key, I surrendered all control to my wife. That means masturbation was no longer possible, and I would only get relief with permission from her. That was the best, albeit the most challenging part of my chastity adventures.

I Focused on My Productivity and Making My Wife Feel Good

After surrendering control, something unusual happened. Namely, I discovered a new type of bond with my wife. It made me more attentive to her feelings. While chastity takes a lot of work, there is nothing quite like the feeling of surrendering your manhood. Of course, I was able to cure my masturbation problems!

With time, I was able to become more productive. That meant that I was no longer thinking about sex all the time. I had to earn any sort of release, and my wife was in complete control.

What Is It Like to Be Released From the Cage?

I’ll never forget the first time I came after being released! It was one of the most massive and unusual orgasms that I have ever experienced. My wife couldn’t believe it when I showered her with what was probably the biggest load of semen in her lifetime! And the orgasm was very similar every time I was freed.

Moreover, when I got used to the cage for longer periods, I gained better control of my erections. Additionally, I felt that the cage had increased the quantity and quality of my semen, which made my wife very happy.

Pushing My Boundary Further

Some say that it’s possible to develop full tolerance after two weeks. It took me a long time to train myself to be able to handle even one week. However, the experience was so productive for me that I decided to push my limits.

My lady agreed, and I decided that I should try long-term chastity. During this challenging time (four months), we found that sex was much better every time she let me out.

I was no longer a slave to jerking off, and since I showed submission and dedication, my special lady was occasionally willing to reward me. During this time, she also experienced a sexual rebirth of sorts. She started to enjoy being dominant and had managed to try some new things that brought her pleasure.

We also experimented with lots of new chastity play kinks. That includes prostate play with sex toys, edging and cock milking, body worship, bondage with safe words, etc. And while my urge to masturbate decreased, my sex drive increased. I was able to focus on my wife and her pleasure much more than before.

Final Thoughts

I shared my story because it will probably resonate with many married couples. If cock cages are something you’re into, the best thing to do is to research, communicate with your spouse, and be patient. In time, you’ll be able to turn your struggle into something truly wonderful. Good luck!

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