Cuckolding: Finding the Right Bull

Couples who want to try the cuckold fetish may think that it’s really easy to find a man who’s into sleeping with a hotwife. However, it’s actually quite difficult to find a great, capable, and endowed bull who understands the fetish. There’s more to it than just fucking another man’s wife! Check out our guide on cuckolding and finding the right bull!

The Perfect Bull

While a cuckolding arrangement sounds simple, it might be tough to make the right connection with a bull or two. Firstly, the cuck and the hotwife will need to think about what kind of man they’re looking for. Do you just need a stunt cock or a strong Alpha who gets dominant and aggressive?

The ideal bull should be someone who is into the cuckold fetish. The guy should be into humiliating the husband/boyfriend and proving the cuck’s inferiority while showing his superiority. Plus, you’ll need to consider how that bull fits into your relationship and how you want the hotwife to be treated. Should he worship the wife’s godliness or dominate her in the bedroom and then cum on the cuck’s face to prove his authority?

On top of that, the couple will need to be attracted to the bull, meaning that the guy you find will have to appeal to you. That includes facial features, body build, and obviously, his cock. If the hotwife is a size queen and you find a bull whose penis is not superior to the cuck, the kink may not work as you intended.

Be Clear 

The hotwife and cuck have to be in complete agreement before they get closer to their cuckold arrangement. For one, the fetish requires consent. Obviously, both of you will need to discuss your goals, limits, and activities. What are cuck’s wishes, and which kinks are off-limits?

If you’re not on the same page, you could end up arguing about the perfect bull or even find a guy who’s a complete dud. The cuckolding adventure is all about the couple and the third party. If you overlook some rules, desires, and boundaries, your fetish has the potential to damage your relationship. Fortunately, being clear about your preferences is a good way to move forward.

Talk About the Perfect Bull

The next step is to envision the ideal bull. How will he look or act? Or would you prefer to have two or several bulls in the bedroom? You can fantasize about the bull’s demeanor, appearance, and dominance. If you’re looking for a monster cock and a lean build, talking about it will make you understand your fantasy much clearer.

Remember, the choice does not only depend on the hotwife. The cuck might also have some desires and limitations, especially if he wants to be actively humiliated during your meetup. What’s more, the role of the bull is essential. Is he a sexually omnipotent beast with a massive dick that can fuck the life out of the hotwife? Do you want him to be comfortable with cuck degradation, breeding, or felching? Also, discuss how often you’d like to meet up with your bull.

Another effective trick is to cover all of that during mutual masturbation. You can talk dirty and imagine your session with your dream bull or bulls. You might even be able to simulate the experience if the hotwife uses some sex toys like dildos. The hotwife can penetrate her holes and humiliate her man without allowing him to participate. This can be a lot of fun: it can bring you closer to visualizing your perfect fantasy.

Where to Look for Potential Bulls

Be prepared to spend a lot of time chatting, sexting, and emailing. If you’re patient, you’ll be able to weed out the duds online and not during sex. Before you look, you’ll also need to figure out if the guy has any performance issues, if he’s honest about his cock size, and if he can last without cumming too quickly.

Unfortunately, there’s no proven way to do this. However, you can follow our pointers to make things easier. Some of the best sites to use are swinger and fetish networks. That includes swingLifeStyle, FetLife, SDC, Alt, CouplesDating, etc. Using dedicated platforms for swingers and kinksters may be more effective compared to mainstream dating sites. Those are usually full of desperate guys who use fake pictures or fake profiles and would do anything to get laid. You may be able to turn to communities like Reddit or even find a bull in a fetish club or bar.

Another way is to attend a BDSM munch. This is a social gathering of BDSM fans, and you might be able to meet new people and cuckolding couples who share your fetish. If they are experienced, they could tell you how to find a bull in your area.

What’s Next?

Clearly, you should look for an experienced bull who knows how to meet the needs of the hotwife and the cuck. Like we’ve said, get ready to exchange a lot of messages and find out as much as you can about the guy before your encounter. Then, discuss what’s next. Do you only crave a big cock and high stamina or an aggressive bull who can dominate you both? Will the bull consent to breeding fantasies, and is it okay to document your encounter with video/photos? Also, some cucks prefer to be physically absent during the hookup, so you’ll also have to discuss the rules for that.

Finally, don’t jump into it. Take your time and meet your champion in a coffee shop or bar first. This will allow you to get to know him and confirm his identity. You’ll see if he’s honest about his looks, fitness, age, etc. Also, you’ll be able to assess whether he’s mentally stable or not. If he’s legit, plan your perfect cuckold scene even further since that will build up the excitement and get you on the same page. You could even go on a couple of dates before you start fucking.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we’ve given you some valuable information that you can use to avoid disappointments and avoid fake and inexperienced bulls. The only thing left to do now is to grab your bull by the horns and have a wild cuckolding session!

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