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Bantie Male Chastity Cage with 2 Brass Locks

  • SIZE INFORMATION – Available in 4 different sizes to adjust freely. Cage length: 3.94 inch approx.; Cage inner diameter: 1.5 inch approx.
  • SAFE MATERIAL – This chastity cage is made of plastic with smooth surface, hypoallergenic and completely comfortable to your body.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – The design allows your penis to breathe freely even in bondage. With an opening that allows you to urinate normally.
  • SEXUAL PLEASURE – Whether you have a bondage experience, handing over control to your partner, which can increase the stimulation of sexual life.

UTIMI Cock Cage Male Chastity Device

  • 3 Cuff Rings- 3 sizes enable the satisfying fit for most people.
  • Delicate Padlock- Hand over the control to your partner.
  • Convenient Urination Hole- Makes normal excretion possible during all day wear.
  • Breathable Quality- The hollow-out design allows your penis breathe freely even in the restraint.
  • High-end Metal- Ensures rustless and smooth performance, bringing added care for privates.

RZY Silicone Cock Cage

  • Made of medical silicone and ABS,safe,non-poisonous and odourless.
  • Soft,elastic,portable and comfortable to use.
  • 5 different sizes of cock rings for men to choose.
  • Exquisite design of the air vents on both sides.

Greenpinecone Lightweight Male Chastity

  • Breathable Design – The hollow design allows your penis to breathe freely even in bondage and makes normal excretion possible during all day wear.
  • High Quality Materials – The penis cage is made of plastic and is easy to clean, lightweight, durable and hypoallergenic.
  • 4 Adjustable Size – With 4 Cuff Rings, 4 sizes are available for most people.
  • Exquisite Padlock – hand over control to your partner.

FYJENNICC Lightweight Premium Chastity Device

  • Package Includes:1 Cage, 4 Rings, 1Pair Of Key, 1 sandpaper (for polishing)
  • Length of the tube :Nub: 25mm (0.98 inch), Nano: 20mm (0.79 inch), Small: 45mm (1.77inch), Standard: 52mm (2.05inch), Maxi: 61mm (2.50inch)
  • Inside diameter : Nub: 34mm (1.34inches). Nano, Small, Standard: 35mm (1.38inches). Maxi: 37mm (1.46inches)
  • Diameters available of 4rings:40mm (1.55inch), 45mm (1.75inch), 50mm (1.95inch), 55mm (2.14inch)

Uleade™ Steel Metal Male Chastity Device

  • Comfort, Hypoallergenic and durable
  • Material: Chrome plate (Include 3 size rings)
  • Size: About 4.7inch*1.4inch,Three Rings: 2, 1.75, 1.5 inch. Weight: 0.30KG
  • In this device he will not be able to achieve a complete erection