Amherstuprising.com is founded by a pretty normal married couple, John and Jane, in their mid-to-late 30’s; they’ve been together since mid-2005 and have had their share of relationship ups and downs. They are just ordinary people that have jobs and kids. Jane is a full-time mom who homeschools, and just to make life more interesting, they also have a special needs child thrown in the mix!

Mostly vanilla with a little bit of kink thrown in, the couple has practiced tease and denial since the beginning of their relationship. Jane and John’s relationship has always been a Female Led Relationship (FLR/FLM). It’s just the way it works for them and it works well. They’ve started this blog as a way to journal about their newfound kink, male chastity.

Jane and John were introduced to the realm of enforced male chastity in late 2015, and have adopted the lifestyle as an exciting addition to their sex life. Since discovering this part of themselves, it has made them become open to exploring many new and exciting things. The couple is excited to share their experience as they explore their way through a whole new world.

Jane currently keeps John locked in his chastity cage 24/7, with releases for teasing at her discretion. John may only orgasm or achieve a full erection with her permission. The couple is EXTREMELY friendly and willing to answer most questions pertaining to their chastity lifestyle, so please feel free to ask away!