The True Love Bra

Isn’t it amazing how far we’ve come with technology? Nowadays, we can communicate with our friends and loved ones from different parts of the world and not even notice that we’re not around each other. We have smartphones full of apps and services that make our lives a lot easier. Moreover, the way we have sex and find partners is quite different from a couple of decades ago.

Sex toys are so advanced we’re almost helpless without them. From high-end vibrators and dildos to realistic dolls, sometimes, it seems like we live in a Sci-Fi movie. Some are pretty useful and revolutionary, while others are just interesting concepts that show signs that there will be improvements in the future. We’re here to talk about high-tech Japanese lingerie — The True Love Bra.

Although it has some disadvantages, this heart rate measuring bra is an interesting idea to ponder. In short, it’s an elegant piece of female underwear with a built-in sensor that unlocks only for true love. In some way, it’s just like a modern chastity device that prevents adultery and drunk hookups.

But before we continue to ramble on about the medieval ages and BDSM gear, let’s go into detail about The True Love Bra. Ideas like these don’t come so often; hence, we should explore their pros and cons. So without further ado, let’s check these bras out!

What Makes This True Love Bra So Special?

In some ways, it’s just like a modern chastity device, but how does The True Love Bra work in reality? Well, once it’s on, it can only come off if the woman’s heart rate goes up to a certain level. Of course, there’s a key that will allow you to take it off if you please when alone. However, the point is that it measures your heart rate signal, and if you’re really into someone, it will unlock.

The True Love Bra has a special chip inside the left breast cup that monitors how women truly feel. It’s pretty similar to sports bras basketball and football players wear in training; only this one calculates true love. The bra is linked to a phone app you can easily download, and it will show you your heartbeats. It uses a Wi-Fi signal; hence, you’ll need the internet for it to work.

But aside from having these cool tech specifications, this “true love” tester bra looks pretty good. It’s elegant and simple, so you won’t need to worry about the combination of clothes and pants to wear alongside it.

The Japanese lingerie company Ravijour that made The True Love Bra came up with something truly special for their customers, and we should applaud them. With lightly lined cups and a classy black design, this smart bra truly feels like something a dame to kill for would wear.

What Could Go Wrong?

Unfortunately, as is the case with everything that’s new, there are some cons to this idea. Although the maker — Ravijour — claims in their videos that the bra can recognize different types of excitement, we’re not so sure about that.

For example, your heart rate goes up and down during a regular day a couple of times. And if you’re running to catch the bus or watching a horror movie, you’re bound to be left braless at some point. It’s a neat idea, but when the “true love” rate exceeds a certain level at an inappropriate time — you’re sure to be left blushing.

Just imagine going to a job interview. There’s no need for us to tell you how your heart will start to pound minutes before you enter the HR office. Therefore, this idea is good at a certain level, but it’s not meant for everyday activities. You should be smart about when you apply this piece of clothing.

Did It Succeed?

It’s been some time now since the first news about this smart bra started to pop up on the internet. It was a great way for the Japanese company to capture additional attention. But ever since then, there have been no new updates on The True Love Bra. Unfortunately, it’s not even on their website anymore.

Some claim that it was a marketing idea for their 10th anniversary, but we can’t confirm that. On the other hand, some believe that it was a joke that went around social media platforms for fun. Either way, it was an interesting concept. It could certainly gain a following of users if perfected in the future.

We guess you could say The True Love Bra came off pretty easy in real life. Bad jokes aside, it could come back at some point. There’s no doubt that the idea seems good enough to swoop the lingerie stores. Ravijour just needs to perfect the formula. They need to make the chip smart enough to recognize when you’re running and when you’re hooking up with the true love of your life.

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