Reasons why you should let your partner put the male chastity belt on you

To begin with, it is important to say that if you are worried about having a partner who talks to you about their desires and interest in chastity, you have nothing to worry about. Some men like to give control of their sexuality to their partner while others like to hold their partner in hand and keep the key preciously.

Couples who experience male chastity tend to find improvement in their relationships in a profound and lasting way. The whole couple is concerned with the relationship to male chastity.

We will tell you how chastity promotes well-being within the couple. By reading these few paragraphs on male chastity, you will come to understand why a man wants to live in chastity and why this significantly improves relationships in a couple.

There are only two reasons why a couple should go into male chastity.

  • The first, to improve relationships with his or her partner, the second to improve your life and spend rich and intense moments but also pleasant moments.

Start in chastity

Give your couple a little time before using a chastity device. To begin, agree with him that you want him to come to satisfy you sexually but that it is understood in advance that you will not allow him to enjoy.

The first time, you will certainly feel a little intimidated by the circumstances but over time and seeing your partner take pleasure in satisfying you, you will quickly understand what your advantages are and you will gain confidence. You can also tell him that if he does his job well, you will allow him to enjoy tomorrow.

  • Once this first step has passed and if you feel comfortable and find that everything is working well between the two of you, you can start putting a chastity cage on it.
  • As soon as your spouse is locked in a chastity device, we advise you to adopt a firm attitude with him. The chastity device reminds him at all times that he is in your control. He will wait for you to be explicitly asked for suggestions and he will have the task of executing in order to satisfy you and obtain a next release. So don’t hesitate to have a guideline and let him know what you want.
  • You need to be clear that he consented to your idea or that he came to you himself asking you to manage his sexuality. Always stay firm on your mutual commitments.

If one day he asks you to remove his chastity cage in order to be able to obtain an orgasm, he will also want to be padded and teased. So do not hesitate to refuse but offer him a later date as long as he can by then satisfy you fully.

Installation of the chastity device

If you are new to chastity, we advise you to ask your spouse to put on the chastity device himself. However, keep the padlock in hand carefully. You will have to close the device yourself with the padlock so that the little click, noise produced by the padlock which closes, marks the beginning of its “chaste period”. From this point on, it should be clear to both that it is under your control.

We also advise you to always keep the keys with you. You must make him understand that you are the guardian of his release and that it can happen at any time. As a safety measure, we advise you to put a duplicate of the keys in a sealed envelope so that, in an emergency, he can remove the chastity device. If you are still unsure and wants to learn more about the proper way of dealing with a chastity cage, you should carefully read the product descriptions as they normally would give you a short guide on how to use a specific device.

Testing and addiction period

Check that it supports the chastity device by first locking it for 1 day, then 1 day and 1 night, then 2 or 3 days. Once these steps are done, check that there are no pinching or burning problems on the skin. If everything is in order, then you can start chastity over a longer period.


If the cage is worn for a long time, the penis should be cleaned regularly. You will not need to open the chastity device for him because a little soap and with the shower head that sprays water in the cage this should be enough. Be sure, however, to dry the penis well with a hair dryer because it is not advised that the skin remains wet. On the other hand, once a week it will be necessary to remove the chastity device in order to clean it well. If you want him to be unable to touch his penis during this weekly cleaning, we advise you to tie his hands behind his back during the operation. The feeling of being free of his device without being able to touch himself will give a man all the more frustration.

Remember that for good personal hygiene, the man must empty his prostate gland. This swells over time to produce a liquid allowing the sperm to move freely. This gland, which does not contain sperm, will have to be emptied in order to avoid prostatic hypertrophy. The time interval between each oil change is specific to each man, but we personally think that once a week is enough to offer total security in this regard. If you do not want to allow penetration or masturbation, know that a man can drain his liquid through the urethra simply by massaging the prostate using a prostate massager. The advantage of this technique is that the man can empty this gland without obtaining an orgasm and without any feeling of pleasure while remaining locked in his chastity device.

The psychological aspect of male chastity

You will soon notice in the chaste man a change of attitude. He will be more attentive and will not budge to help you with household chores. He will treat you like a prince (s) and will be attentive to you. If you like all of its changes, don’t forget to adapt your behavior towards it. Have a firm and directive attitude focused on your well-being and your sexual development. Once you take control of her sexuality, her main concerns will be to serve you. Do not leave him in his armchair in front of the television but give him instructions like putting away the kitchen, preparing a bath, waiting in bed for a massage or simply to warm your bed (very practical in winter!). Do not hesitate to give your orders and remind him that if you are not satisfied you will leave him his chastity device longer. It is very effective and simple to put into action.

To conclude

Male chastity can bring your couple much more than you can imagine at first. It’s a rewarding lifestyle for you and your spouse. Do not forget that it is up to you to make this moment pleasant and constructive. If you control his sexuality, adopt a firm attitude and don’t hesitate to tell him what you expect from him and how he can satisfy you. If you have given control to your spouse, bring love to him every day, be in a good mood and courteous and make sure that your spouse does not lack anything. The day of the next release is approaching hour by hour!

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