Unbiased Review of Male Chastity for Couples – How It Makes The Relationship Fun?

As long as you have not tried the experience, you cannot imagine how much the wearing of this small accessory by the man will transform your life as a couple, make it more harmonious and serene, and especially to strengthen your self discipline. Although the testimonies vary because of the immense diversity of the situations of couples, all the couples who practice best male chastity belts for daily use agree to recognize the following advantages:

For Women:

  • Reassured by the certainty of the husband’s fidelity, she is more tranquil and serene in her everyday life. She accepts without worry to let him be away for a few days, whether on business trips or hanging out with others.
  • In bed, she finds herself with a man whose appetite and desire are the same as those he experienced at the beginning of their relationship.
  • She finds that he is more considerate and caring towards her. She knows he does not masturbate and reserves all his energy alone.
  • Satisfied with the certainty of being in control of her man, she gains confidence and is more active and efficient in all aspects of her life.

For Men:

  • The cage allows him to control his sexuality and not to be overwhelmed by his impulses when “it is not the moment”.
  • The erection is painful; he tries his best to avoid having thoughts or erotic activities (like visiting porn sites!) As a result, he is more active and efficient in his work and activities.
  • Knowing that he cannot have relations with other women, all his desire goes back to his partner, to which he devotes all his attention and all his energy to.
  • He is always attentive and in love. The side “macho” quite unbearable and ridiculous many men will fade quickly, or even disappear altogether to give way to gallantry and kindness. His impulses being channeled and permanently constrained, he is generally quieter and serene in his daily life.

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Purchase guide

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Consumer opinions

The advantages and disadvantages reviews are usually in the feedback section written by users. If you are interested in customer reviews, you will be able to click on reviews under each product.

The rating out of 5

The majority of models have a rating of 5 given by consumers. Buyer satisfaction can indeed be evaluated. It can be estimated that the product will prove to be of high quality if it has a rating of at least 3/5.

The price

There are different price points available when choosing chastity belts. There are cheap ones but do not fall short of features, and there are a bit pricey but packs with amazing design and features. Reliability is sometimes at fault on the cheapest models. The high-end items are rather recommended for their durability, but otherwise a mid-range product will be more than enough.

The Editor’s Recommendation

We recommend leather chastity belts that are available to men and women. Not only does it do its job, but its leather adds more attitude to the one wearing it. It is a safe choice with a remarkable quality and price ratio.

BDSM – Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadism/Masochism are among the most violent sexual practices. They are also the most enigmatic that some people may question how the hell can they like that? This is what was sought by a team of American researchers from the University of Northern Illinois whose work was identified by the site LiveScience.

For sadomasochistic practices, better known today, no longer fall within the field of pathology. According to DSM5, the authoritative and authoritative diagnostic and statistical manual for mental disorders in the American Psychiatric Association, BDSM practices are simply considered out of the ordinary sex practices.

Even more surprising, is an American study published in May 2013 showed that followers of sadomasochistic practices had stronger social relationships than others. They would be even more relaxed than the rest of the population as if the SM did them good.


“In appearance, it may seem paradoxical,” admits James Ambler, a graduate in psychology at Northern Illinois University, so to understand this paradox, the psychologist has engaged in a real dive in the brain of practitioners SM.

To do this, he recruited a community of switchers, a term that refers to individuals who give as much as they receive pain. Before and after each sexual experience, the volunteers had to perform a cognitive test called Stroop Test – in which they are confronted with paradoxical associations such as the word “blue” written in red. Because it is complicated for the brain to read the color if it is written in another, it is considered a good way to measure the cognitive abilities of the participants. The volunteers also had to fill out questionnaires about their feelings about the “flow” during their sadomasochistic practices. Flow is a state of concentration and enjoyment that individuals experience when immersed in these practices. With these measurements, the researcher was able to notice that people who received pain in a SM practice scored the lowest scores on the Stroop Test, a result usually associated with decreased blood flow in the prefrontal cortex. . But this area of ??the brain essentially related to executive functions and RAM.

If everything is on your plate, things can get rather dull. However, with chastity belts and cock cages, anticipation can build-up the heat, and the whole relationship can become more fun. 

Main Responsibilities of Key Holders

The primary responsibility of the chastity keyholder would be caring for their sub. That entails not only making sure that everything is okay and that the size of the cage is good, but also teasing the sub and building up anticipation we mentioned. 

The whole point of chastity is both in the wearer of the cage and the key holder. Working together helps ease the struggles of being locked in a chastity cage. The goal is to fulfill the male fantasy of not being able to please themselves, controlling them, and dominating in a way that will cause arousal. One of the most important parts of chastity is tease and denial. 

Furthermore, cages don’t mean a complete lack of freedom, but only giving up on being in control of one’s orgasm. The keyholders will decide when the subs can enjoy themselves, how long, and in what way. 

What Are the Rules When Wearing a Male Chastity Belt?

As with any other aspect of a dom/sub relationship, there are several rules to chastity devices as well. First-timers must know that by wearing a chastity belt, the sub agrees to surrender their control, and they have to love and obey every command from the keyholder.

Furthermore, the holder doesn’t have to justify their actions or explain themselves in any way. They can do as they see fit and decide how long the person will wear the device. Naturally, communication is as important as with any other type of BDSM, and the wearer will say how long they are willing to wear the device. Some even engage in month-long challenges, as with Locktober.

The wearer should never try to remove the device by themselves unless there is an emergency. It is essential to remember that you are locked for a reason, and that reason is to prevent sexual pleasure. That means that the wearer should not experience orgasms, arousal, or any other stimulation since their penis belongs to the owner now. 

It’s always a good idea to keep the keyholder informed of all experiences regarding chastity devices. This way, they can decide the best course of action. Finally, the wearer should always remind themselves of the pleasure they once had and who controls their genitals now. 

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