Well trained, obedience oriented males don’t exactly grow on trees. But DIY training is so much work! Fortunately, there’s a better way. Fit your male with chastity cage unit and sit him in front of the PC with your favorite male training course module. The course software will present material in an easy to understand fashion, drill him, and make him a compliant of male chastity. Our course does all the work making your man chastised, this a completely automated male training solution. It even punishes your male for you when your male is being overcome by temptation to take it off!

So go ahead: enroll to this course – at the end of the day you will see your male emerge from his horny feeling!

Results Guaranteed

Our courses run just within Browser, at the convenience of your home. Our courses can also be used in conjunction with the courses.

Courses planned

The following courses are currently planned:

  • MC101: Introduction to Male Chastity
  • MC102: Intermediate Male Chastity Procedures
  • MC100: Intimacy and Pleasure Skills

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