The Real History of Chastity Belts

The world is a strange yet beautiful place. Throughout our history, all sorts of things were fascinating to us, but one of them beats everything else. Yup, we’re talking about sex again. Only this time, it’s going to get a bit more strange!

Sexual desires and fantasies are crucial parts of what makes us who we are. We live in a society that’s full of different people. Hence, various kinks and fetishes surround us everywhere we go. One of the most prominent fantasies people have is BDSM.

BDSM is a kinky community full of arousing ideas. One of the integral pieces of equipment used in the community are chastity devices. Both men and women use them, so there are belts and cages as the main categories. But this time, we’ll focus on the vagina contraption.

Sure enough, everyone’s heard of belts made to prevent penises from penetrating vaginas and anuses. Moreover, it seems that everyone believes the same old myth about medieval maidens and their knights locking them up before going to war. Well, we’re here to shed some light on this controversial topic, so prepare yourself to realize that you’ve been living in a lie for some time now.

The Myth Behind the ‘Original’ Chastity Belts

The story of chastity belts has its origins in medieval texts and paintings we still see and explore today. They would usually represent the need for men to “lock up” their ladies, so they wouldn’t sleep with others while they were away. Back in those days, knights would go to war for years, and their faith in their women was rather low. At least that’s what we thought before this myth was debunked.

The idea behind these belts was to lock the female’s genital area so that no penetration would be possible. They would leave small holes for women to urinate and poop. But in reality, this isn’t true at all. No matter if it were the dirty old medieval days, hygiene and life in general wouldn’t be possible with such contraptions on.

Although we see such devices displayed in museums all over Europe, historian Albrecht Classen explained everything in his book — The Medieval Chastity Belt: A Myth-Making Process. The original texts and pictures weren’t meant to be taken literally as they were more of a metaphor for women being faithful to their men. The belt was meant to symbolize male fear of female infidelity.

If you see an old depiction of a chastity belt, the picture will most likely present a half-naked lady with her knight holding a key. But in the background, her lover would be hiding with a key replica he’d later use. Also, the husband would have donkey ears on his head, a symbol of his naivety.

Chastity belts existed only as metaphors and fart jokes in various Konrad Kyeser’s scriptures from the Middle Ages. Either way, the idea remains. But when did the use of chastity belts start for real?

The Truth

References to chastity belts suggest they were a product of the Industrial and Victorian age. Yup, the 18th and 19th-century people were likely the first to use them. Most museum belts we see today come from that period. Historians claim that they were used as some kind of a joke in a world of dry humor.

For example, one belt in a British museum has an interesting design to it. The holes for urinating and defecating look like flowers. Also, there are tiny hearts all over them that suggest they were mere curiosities made by people who thought that the idea was funny as Hell. Well, it sure is now.

However, aside from being bad jokes, they did have an actual purpose. The idea was to use such contraptions to prevent children from masturbating. You see, the Victorian era was a time quite different from the one we live in today. Everyone was all about sex, but they would preach all sorts of nonsense about it being animalistic, degrading, and even evil.

Another example of the use of chastity devices was to prevent rape. Unfortunately, rape and abuse are still at large in the world. But back in those days, it was as common as theft and tuberculosis. Wearing these contraptions, ladies would feel safer while walking through filthy, foggy backstreets of Industrial Age London.

And although the origins of these contraptions might seem a bit creepy and dark, they paved the way for BDSM toys we use today. If it weren’t for Medieval texts and Victorian fart jokes, we’d be left with a big hole in our bondage arsenal. Therefore, in some ways, we should feel thankful for those poor ladies who endured such horrible times so that we can have kinky sex nowadays.

The Comeback of the Chastity Belt

Once again, the world is an odd but beautiful place. What was once torture is now an essential part of a growing sex community. The BDSM fetish is full of kinky stuff, but one of the most popular items they use are chastity devices. Only, this time, they’re for both men and women.

Although this kink is still somewhat underground as the mainstream portrays it as sleazy and dangerous, people are going crazy for it all over the globe. The promise of bondage, dominance, submission, and masochism is enough to lure tons of people into BDSM.

Nowadays, the materials used are completely safe but still require cleaning for hygiene purposes. Guys wear cock cages to prevent their penises from getting erect. It’s a major turn-on for both men and women, so they sometimes wear it all the time, not just during bondage sessions.

Some people enjoy humiliation, and a man unable to get his cock straight experiences just that. On the other hand, women also enjoy chastity belts. Again, it’s a form of sexual play that revolves around dominance and submission. Some wear it to prevent their hubbies from penetrating them, while others love to leave the faith of their genitals in the hands of their dominant partner.

No matter what draws your attention to these contraptions, you will definitely have some kinky fun with chastity devices. Introducing the idea to your partner will spice up your sex life and introduce you to the world of fetishes and lust.

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