Saving Your Marriage Through Chastity Lifestyle

Many couples are looking to get into the chastity life. That’s no surprise since it can be beneficial for your marriage or relationship. Here, we will discuss some of the key principles, and how everything works, as well as why this might be something you should consider. 

Marriages Fail

Marriage can be fun and exciting, but the sad reality is that this isn’t always the case. Couples drift apart, they fight, and they have problems. And sometimes, these problems are too much to handle. Nearly 90% of people in Western countries get married, but the divorce rate is between 40 and 50 percent

There are numerous reasons why couples split, and it doesn’t have to be anyone’s fault. Often, couples are not compatible with each other, and it takes them a while to fully understand that they aren’t “meant” for each other. Unfortunately, that time is usually too late, and they are left with no options but to go for a divorce. 

One of the reasons for marriage failure can be sex. It’s not rare for people to have different kinks or interests, but this isn’t the sole problem when it comes to sex. It is also possible for them to have different libidos and different drives. For example, one person might be in the mood for sex while the other isn’t. 

While couples counseling can be quite helpful for some, for others, it is just a waste of time and money. That leads us to the second option or chaste life. 

Chastity Lifestyle

People often wonder whether a chastity lifestyle would benefit a marriage or not. And the answer is not that simple. But what exactly is chastity, and how it can be beneficial to your relationship? Chastity used to be the virtue of restraint. A person living a chaste lifestyle focused on moral standards and guidelines based on their culture or religion. However, when we talk about chastity today, we are mostly dealing with refraining from any sexual activity. 

Naturally, this is easier said than done. There are many people with high libido that couldn’t imagine a day without sex or masturbation, which is why there are special toys to help them in the process. 

The most popular sex toy for practicing chastity is chastity belts and cock cages. As you can probably imagine by now, a cock cage is a device that goes around male genitals and prevents any type of contact or pleasure. A person wearing the cage won’t be able to remove it, and they won’t be able to have an erection while wearing it. 

Needless to say, there are numerous safety measures that couples can take here. Firstly, the keyholder will need to remove the cage every once in a while to ensure that the wearer can have proper hygiene and care. Furthermore, there is always a safe word that the wearer can say if the cage gets too uncomfortable. 

It is worth mentioning that the cage needs to be uncomfortable, but there are limits. The toy shouldn’t cause injuries, and it shouldn’t be too small or too big since that would defeat its purpose. The cage is quite popular in the BDSM community for chastity play, cuckoldry, and other fetishes where the wearer shouldn’t experience any pleasure. 

The Purpose of Cage and How It Could Help Save Your Marriage 

Wearing a chastity cage can seem like a punishment, but it can also provide pleasure. At least for some people. The reason for this is that it will eliminate the possibility of having sex, which will allow the wearer to focus on different, important things. It is not rare for men (even married ones) to think about sex quite often, and this can be such a distraction. 

Many people joke about how a simple massage will almost always turn into sex, but if you eliminate the possibility of it, the massage will be just that — a massage. Even men who aren’t into the whole dominant-submissive routine can enjoy wearing a chastity belt. That way, they can focus on their partner and their needs without expecting something in return. 

While it might sound that men are vile creatures, it is not the truth. They are often led by their libidos, and it can get the best of them. A life in chastity can give you a new perspective on your relationships and even improve sexual intimacy. Even if you opt for wearing it for a few weeks, it will increase your libido, improve the relationship between you and your wife, and show you different ways to enjoy life and spend time with your partner. 

Successful Chastity Lifestyle

If all of this seems exciting for you, there are a couple of things you should understand. Firstly, being in chastity can be pleasurable, and you are the only person that should determine the time you should spend locked. Needless to say, newbies should start slow and build their way up. Try it for an hour or more before you are comfortable with wearing the toy for longer periods of time. 

The key to a successful chastity lifestyle is, of course, trust. You need to believe in your partner and that they are doing what’s best for you. That is why it is essential to communicate with them as much as possible. Wearing a cage is consensual, and the wearer will stay in the cage as long as they feel comfortable. 

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One of the tricks is to always have a spare key in case of an emergency. That way, if something happens, the wearer can remove the cage to avoid hurting themselves. While it might seem like cheating, the point of wearing a cock cage is in self-restraint. Everything else is just a form of roleplay. Yes, there is a keyholder, and yes, they will tell you what to do and when to remove the cage. But if you don’t want to wear it in the first place, the whole thing is pointless. 

So, talk with your partner, hear what they have to say, and communicate. If the wearer needs a break, that’s perfectly normal. The time you spend in the cage will increase with practice, and if your goal is to wear it for months, it can be achieved. But only if you work together as a couple.

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