What The Experts Are Saying About Male Chastity and It’s Effect on Your Life

All women have so far confirmed that their partner’s use of chastity cages has provided incredibly positive effects. Men who engage in this game benefit in two ways:

  • You enjoy significantly more freedom; jealousy at the partner is now excluded.
  • Sex is generally perceived much more intense, the entire focus in a relationship is much more focused on his partner. Sex becomes a real gift again.


For the wife, there are completely new game ideas that may arise. You can put your partner in the highest, but unfulfilled ecstasy for hours, days or weeks, until he becomes wax in your hands.The man, who feels the irrepressible desire to lay hands on himself after 3 days at the latest, gives our chastity clamp a completely new sensation of his sexuality. All touches become more intense, love deepens, and everything sinks into sweet agony.

Chastity in marriage

Especially in marriage, chastity brings almost unbelievable results. Men become much neater, more and more responsive to their partner, and even learn that there is more than their own satisfaction. The gift of orgasm will also inspire your partner to peak performances unknown to date.

How long should wear it?

Test it yourself! It is important to know that the first three days are a bit difficult for the one wearing it.  Once you get used to it, you can then check how long you can push yourself further.

Are there risks to health?

As long as one keeps an eye on the hygiene within the cage, nothing bad can happen while wearing a cage for a long time. Keep in mind, however, that one could treat the “locked away” from time to time an orgasm if you can enjoy it.

Ladies and gentlemen, how would you describe the ideal man?

What about a man who honors you, a man who constantly focuses his energy and attention on you? A man who meets you with kindness, a man who takes time for you, pampers her with massages of the feet and the body, and enjoys pleasing you? Just for that, and to give you the assurance of sexual loyalty, we have developed our bird locked according to the latest findings. If you’re interested, lockthecock.co.uk was considered as one of the best store where you can get these toys in a sweet deal.

We present you a 100% safe chastity device, discreet and comfortable to wear, yet absolutely invincible as long as no key is available.

See for yourself how easy it is to create it:

  • Before putting on the cage, put some oil or cream in the inner ring and the cage.
  • Now simply pull the ring over your testicles until they are comfortably outside the ring
  • Turn the ring slightly and insert the penis into the basket.
  • Lift the basket slightly and insert the penis all the way.
  • Thread the fastener strip on the lower holder and snap it over the ring
  • Now insert the lock into the opening provided and give the key to your partner

How to determine the correct ring diameter:

Most customers use the 45mm ring diameter. To determine the correct diameter for you, please proceed as follows:

  • Put a cord about 30 cm long around the scrotum and penis. Make sure that it is not an elastic cord, as these may not be accurate.
  • Tie the ends of the cord with a double knot so that you can easily insert a finger into the loop without cutting the cord. Wait for about 5 minutes to see if the diameter is correct.
  • If nothing constricts, cut open the loop carefully.
  • Measure the length of the cord loop exactly and look for the diameter in the table below. This is your order size now
  • Strengthen the penis with fast running

Finally, a sporting king knit for men who want to experience the best sex of their lives: running fast is wellness for a strong penis!

How it works: Thirty seconds of fast running on the spot, preferably two or three times in a row with about 2 to 3 minutes of pauses in between, ensures that a lot of oxygen gets into the penis. As a result, the entire infrastructure of the penis is very well influenced – so the man has the best chances for the best sex of his life!

Beautiful additional effect: This short, intensive training not only positively affects sexuality, but also the overall physical performance of the man. In the studies of Prof. Sommer it could be shown that the cardiovascular system has benefited significantly, the men have become fitter and have lost up to 8 kilograms of fat within four months through this physical training. Others had achieved significantly improved endurance performance.

There is no doubt that chastity devices can have an impact on everyday life. But what happens while wearing a cock cage? Here, we will talk about any potential long-term effects, as well as changes that arrive with wearing this sex toy. 

Are There Any Long-Term Effects of Wearing a Cock Cage?

It is essential to follow all the advice and tips out there to ensure you have nothing but fun while wearing the cock cage. That means proper cleaning and maintenance of the chastity device to avoid any potential health issues. 

The other crucial thing you should remember is always to find a fitting cock cage. The device that’s too small can cause injuries and damage the tissue of the penis. There are many people out there with this kink, and some even order a custom-made cage to ensure that everything is in its place. 

Nocturnal erections can be problematic for beginners, so it might be best to take it slow. Start by wearing your cock cage shorter and gradually increase the time you spend in it. Over time, you will get used to it, and you will find it more enjoyable and fun. However, there aren’t many willing to discuss their experiences and long-term effects of chastity devices. 

How Does Being in a Cock Cage Affect a Man’s Behavior?

But what is catch about male chastity psychology? The first feeling might be frustration. Each tease from your partner and every gesture can remind you what you are missing out on. However, there is so much more! It is no secret that men’s libido can be dishonest. Many see simple things (as partner’s playfulness, for example) as an invitation for sex. Similarly, masturbation can be an excellent stress relief, but it works only short-term. But when you eliminate the possibility of having sex or masturbating, the couple can become closer, more intimate, and vulnerability that a man can feel can become an eye-opener. 

The couple will learn more about their relationship, about each other, and about themselves. Finally, it will allow them to grow — at least some parts of them.

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