Best Tips for Prolonged and Permanent Chastity Sessions

Tips and Tricks for Better Chastity Sessions

If your first thought when someone mentions the word “chastity” is of male chastity devices, keyholders, and the kinky chastity lifestyle, you’re in the right place! If you’re thinking of fair maidens locked up by their always-on-a-long-trip husbands, then — sorry, move on.

Are you still here? OK, here’s a quick history lesson for you. Chastity used to be a way to remain pure before marriage or during long separation (hence the fair maiden comment). Or so we thought. In reality, all that artwork that features women with steel underwear was an exaggeration of a sort.

Yeah, go figure! Not long after that though, life started to imitate art instead of the other way around, and the first real chastity devices were made.

Today, chastity is a fairly common kink that has many layers. Most people know the basics. One partner physically prevents the other from getting sexually aroused or getting any sexual gratification. However, not many know about what chastity lifestyle really is. What’s more, they have no idea how to go about permanent chastity or if that’s even something they’d be interested in.

So are you one of those people who’s still struggling with the idea of chastity but gets a rise out of various female and male chastity captions on the internet? Don’t worry! We have the best tips and tricks for you here.

The Glory of Chastity Lifestyle

Chastity isn’t just about abstaining from sex. That would be too easy and not that kinky, right? The true spirit of chastity lifestyle lies in the power exchange (naturally) and the fact that the keyholder has all of it. So chastity enthusiasts aren’t really abstaining from sex and sexual gratification — it is forbidden to them.

To some people, chastity is a natural progression in their exploration of kink. They try out sex toys, maybe a butt plug or two, then hop onto orgasm control and orgasm denial, and before they know it, they are scouring the internet for the perfect chastity cages. Then, they try them out, love them, and before you know it, they commit to a long-term lifestyle. To some, chastity is a perfect fit, especially when they pair it with cuckolding.

To others, however, it’s a long journey with lots of ups and downs. So what can you do to improve it?

Learn About Male Chastity

Sometimes, it’s good to go into something blind and find your own way of doing things. However, with chastity, we advise you to do some heavy research. We all know that abstaining from orgasms can improve our sex life because it builds up excitement, and there’s also an element of suspense. However, chastity includes much more than that.

Chastity lifestyle doesn’t always include two (or more people). It can also be a solo adventure. People decide to take the step for various reasons (and not all of them are kinky!).

A true chastity experience usually involves a decision-maker and a chaste person. The decision-maker (or the keyholder) holds the key to the other person’s pleasure, gratification, and release. They can do so metaphorically or literally if the chaste person is in a chastity device.

The keyholder and the chaste person don’t have to be in a close sexual relationship (although that’s often the case). If you’re considering making this a solo adventure, you’ll still need a keyholder, but your relationship with them doesn’t have to be intimate.

Seek Outside Counsel

Before you actually make the decision to go chaste, we recommend that you talk it through with a professional. That’s especially good advice for couples who are looking into a prolonged and permanent chastity lifestyle and cuckolding but struggles with it.

Ideally, you’d see a sex therapist who will help you work through your reasoning behind your desire for chastity. Aside from that, a mental health professional who deals with sex can help you navigate the entire experience. Chastity isn’t something you try out one Wednesday evening out of the blue. It’s something you prepare for.

Talking through your ideas, expectations, and events with a professional will help you improve and enhance the entire experience and come out the other end a happier, healthier person (in a cage or out of it).

But Don’t Overthink It

Although we’ve been yapping about how preparation is essential for those interested in the chastity lifestyle, it also isn’t a bad idea to just try it out.

Listen, no matter how many blogs you read and how many people you ask for advice, at the end of the day, your experience will be unique. Therefore, no one can tell you what exactly to expect except for you. So instead of racking your brain, why don’t you just try it out and see what works for you and what doesn’t?

This is a risky move, of course. However, even with all the negotiations, kink is something that you have to try out for yourself to be able to judge whether you’re a fan or not. Just because one idea seems like a winner in theory, it doesn’t mean you’ll like it when you play it out and vice versa.

So in a cautious “fake it until you make it” manner, try out the chastity lifestyle and see what works for you and what doesn’t. Learn from your own experience. That’s the best way to figure out if you’re ready for a lifestyle change or not.

Switch Sides at Least Once

Similarly to our previous tip, switching sides is important because it gives you the necessary experience. If you have no idea how the other side feels, you’ll never be able to relate to or understand their desires, wants, and ultimate kinks. Only when you fully understand your partner can you give them what they need from you and vice versa.

Switching roles is an ideal way to walk a mile in your partner’s shoes. Even if their role isn’t something you’d necessarily enjoy, it will give you an insight into their mind and feelings.

Try Chastity Belts and Devices

Chastity is a lot easier if you have a chastity device. It physically restrains you and doesn’t allow you to get any sexual release (until the keyholder grants it). No matter how devoted people are to the chastity lifestyle, slipping is normal and expected. However, many see it as a failure. To avoid that, you can use a chastity device.

Chastity belts and cages are typical chastity devices that men and women use to lock up their nether regions. Once locked up, only the keyholder has the power to unlock the device. That leaves the chaste person in a position of submission.

Chastity devices are an ideal way for partners to tease each other. What’s more, they achieve arousal and orgasm denial, which is the main goal of chastity.

Chastity devices are also great instruments when it comes to correcting or training behavior. Masters and doms use them and sexual gratification as both reward and punishment.

Finally, chastity devices are a huge hit among those who want to appreciate their release more. There are but a few orgasms stronger, more life-changing, and earth-shattering than the ones that come after prolonged chastity device use.

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