Why You Should Give Your Caged Male an Emergency Key

In theory, the dominant partner will lock their “slave,” and they will have full control over all sexual activities. In reality, this can only apply to ideal situations, and you might want to consider having a spare key.

Who Keeps the Key of a Man’s Chastity Cage?

When it comes to experimenting with male chastity, the main idea behind it is completely surrendering control. This means that the keyholder will be the wearer’s partner. Their goal is to “enforce” chastity and ensure that the male stays in the cock cage.

Usually, the dominant person (master or mistress) will be in charge and have the key. As a result, the wearer of the chastity belt or cage won’t be able to experience any type of sexual satisfaction, and they will have to remain in chastity for as long as their master desires.

However, this is all in theory. You will need to consider several other factors as there is a reason why all chastity cages come with a spare key.

Keeping the Key Gives the Keyholder Control Over the Male’s Orgasm

Once you hand over the key, you will also lose control over your orgasms. This is the primary idea behind chastity. The keyholder will have all the authority, and they will decide when you can have an orgasm or remove the toy. For many, this is the main thrill that comes with cock cages. Naturally, the couple needs to be close and trust each other for this to work.

Chastity and femdom have similar ideas. Your partner will decide things instead of you, and you will need to follow what they say. Many men stay in chastity for quite a while, and it’s not rare to encounter someone who dreams of permanent chastity.

Even if you want to stay in the cage every day, you will still need to take it off to ensure that everything is clean and avoid any health risks.

Risks That Can Occur While Wearing a Cock Cage

Most problems that occur while wearing a cock cage result from faulty devices. If the toy is too small, it can stop the blood flow and cause serious damage to your private parts. On the other hand, a cage that’s too big can be removed easily, which kind of ruins the whole point of chastity.

Many doctors won’t recommend wearing a cage for longer than six hours. However, if this is something that you will enjoy, you might want to invest in a custom cage. This way, you will get a toy that’s tailored for you, and you’ll be able to wear it for a longer time without worries.

Anyone who has tried cages will tell you that it needs to be comfortable. There is no way that you’ll be able to wear it for hours if it’s painful, and it can cause tissue damage.

Chastity play is fun, but only if you take care of yourself. So stay safe, comfortable, and pain-free. The ring part of the cage is often the biggest problem since using one that’s too small can cause problems with blood flow.

All potential problems and risks can be reduced or even eliminated if you find a proper-sized toy.

The Need for an Emergency Key

Most cock cages come with a spare key. This is something you should use in case of an emergency. Based on the type of relationship, it’s not rare for the man to know where the spare key is. Sometimes, both partners will have a key each as this measure is crucial for emergency situations.

Since chastity is based on trust, and you can always remove the toy if you want, having a spare key is something you should consider. The whole chastity play is a type of fantasy that’s based on trust. No one can force you to stay in a cock cage, and it is something that you should desire. If you understand that, there is no reason to avoid having a spare key.

Handing over control of your orgasms to your partner should be the main idea, and a spare key is something you should use in case something unexpected happens.

So what is considered an emergency? You might experience pain or discomfort beyond normal. The best idea in such a situation would be to remove the cage. However, what if your partner is not at home? The answer lies in the emergency key. The same will apply if you are feeling unwell and need to visit a doctor. Some people are not willing to share their kinky fantasies with other people, and you can always remove it by yourself if needed.

There is another option — the spare key could be hidden in your home, and only the keyholder should know the location. In case of emergency, they can tell you the location, and you will be able to remove the cage. However, this requires reaching the other person, and some situations are too urgent even for a phone call.

Tips for Having an Emergency Key

There are a couple of ways to store the emergency key, and you and your partner should decide which one suits your needs.

As we’ve mentioned already, one of the options is to keep the key hidden in your home. This might not be the best solution for some though. If you don’t know where the key is, or if you are not at home, the key will be useless.

Having the key at hand is something you should consider. If you are not a casual cock cage user, you might need to set up additional rules and decide on the cases when you’re allowed to unlock yourself. You can always get tamper-resistant labels that come with a serial number. Just put the key in the container, place the label, and you’re ready to go. It will allow your master to know if you tried to avoid wearing the toy, and you won’t be able to just place a different label thanks to the serial number.

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