The Benefits of Living a Celibate Life

Although it might seem weird to practice celibacy, it’s not that bad at all. Sure, it’s pretty strange in an oversexualized world like the one we live in, but that’s the catch. Sometimes it’s all about bending the rules and doing it your way. Hence, our article aims to demystify the world of celibacy and deliver some fascinating insight into it.

The Celibate Life

Namely, celibacy is a life choice that means that one doesn’t engage in marriage or sexual activity of any kind. Most of the time, it’s closely related to religious reasons, but that isn’t always the case. This belief comes from the fact that many religious devotees, such as monks, live like that. But sometimes, ordinary people decide to devote their whole existence to specific things, and they don’t have time or energy to have a sex life.

Celibacy can be both permanent and momentary. More extreme cases like religious ones mean that breaking the celibacy rules leads to expulsion from your congregation. However, some decide to practice it temporarily. It’s often while working on something big in their career. This way, they reserve all their body and mind to the project itself.

More Focus and Clarity

It’s no secret that athletes don’t participate in sexual activities before going out to perform in their respective disciplines. This idea existed even in Ancient Greece and during the first Olympics. And throughout time, sportspeople of all creeds implement it, and it’s going strong ever since. The idea behind it is that having sex makes a person somewhat weaker, both physically and mentally.

Although there’s no clear evidence for such claims, many successful people who host TED talks mention the positive effects of celibacy on focus and clarity. Sure, some might say it’s sex-negative and repressing, to say the least, but what if it’s true? What if practicing celibacy helps you have more focus and clarity? There’s got to be something to it if so many big shots do it.

Their idea is that sexual attraction and desire drain so much of us that we’re unable to make the most of other things. And come to think of it, sex sure does feel like an exhausting workout once you’re done. You process so many calories afterward that you feel out of focus and unable to go about your work. The whole point is to turn sexual desire into brute mental strength.

Builds a Strong Relationship Foundation

Besides religious devotees and some successful business folks, various couples practice celibacy for a period of time before eventual marriage. It’s not something new. Such life choices exist for hundreds of years. The idea is that sex is something you should only do once you’re official with the one you love. Most fundamental Christians think so.

However, even if Jonas Brothers plagued the idea, there is a strong belief that celibacy can make a strong foundation for a healthy relationship. Not to sound like we’re preaching or anything, saving yourself for the one you love is a clear sign that they’re more important to you than your sex drive and primal urges.

Of course, these couples do eventually have sex, but only when they feel the time is right. It’s not that they think such things are dirty or anything else — it’s that they feel like there’s so much more to their connection than skin-on-skin action. And in the end, their encounter feels like an explosion of joy and pleasure.

Sure enough, such lifestyle choices aren’t for everyone. Moreover, it’s not for most people if you think about it. But for those who can make it work, it’s a way of making sure other things in life are dealt with. From education to their careers, they focus on what they think is important stuff before they get to enjoy intimacy.

Boosts Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is another reason why celibacy is healthy. At least it’s what some people believe. The notion is that abstinence from being intimate with another person recharges your soul in otherwise impossible ways. Also, it makes one rely more on themselves instead of pleasing others’ liking.

Mental health and self-esteem go hand-in-hand. There’s no question about it. And once you reach a certain point in your life, the need to prove yourself to others begins to diminish. Of course, it’s not always the case. But for those who’ve had unfortunate sexual relationships over the years, deciding to stop having sex is a step further to self-enjoyment and overall happiness.

Men and women spend their lives trying hard to impress their partners and to have some down-time. But as life progresses, it becomes clear that not everyone is cut for great sexual adventures and porn-like screams of pleasure. That proves mentally challenging if you don’t understand that there’s more to life than sex.

You Learn More About Yourself

The previous idea of self-esteem boosting naturally leads to shining some new light onto yourself. And what we mean by that is that you get the much-needed time to reflect on who you are and what you want from life. Long gone are the days of spending time and money to make yourself look attractive to others only to end up in bed together.

No more expensive lingerie for their enjoyment, irritating dirty talk, or uncomfortable positions. Without the pressure of regular sex, you can devote your time to exploring your hobbies, work, and make more out of your life. Also, celibacy gives you an option to think about what turns you on for real. It distances you from tropes like oral or anal sex and allows you to learn what feels right to you.

You can always masturbate to achieve this. You see, celibacy doesn’t need to mean that you can’t enjoy self-pleasure. In that case, it’s simply restricting yourself from engaging in sex life with other people. Some consider it to be an eye-opening experience when it comes to buried sexual orientations. You learn who you are outside traditional straight/gay characters most people inhabit.

It Makes Sex Feel So Much Better

As we’ve said, celibacy can be temporary or lifelong. It all depends on who you are and how you feel about it. However, if you don’t choose to remain celibate forever and after, eventual sex feels like 4th of July fireworks. It’s a great way to rejuvenate your private life and improve overall sexual health.

In reality, restricting yourself from something makes you want it more. It’s the forbidden fruit from the Garden of Eden if you’d like. Some sex therapists even recommend this method to couples who find regular sex somewhat of a bore. The thing is, you do it so much that it’s taken for granted. We stop having fun like we did when we were young and longing for sexual intercourse.

So taking a break from time-to-time isn’t as bad as you might think it is. In between, you get to recharge your batteries, think about what you can change in bed, how to up your game, etc. It’s like a band hiatus between two albums. Once you regroup and realize it’s time to get your horse back running, it gets to feel so much better.

Final Thoughts

Even if it might seem somewhat strange to some, celibacy isn’t half bad. No matter if you make it your life’s goal or if it is just temporary, you get to enjoy all sorts of physical and mental benefits. From focus and clarity to better self-esteem, it’s a game-changer for lots of people. And in case you decide to go to your old ways, sex once again becomes magical and full of passion and overwhelming joy.

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