The Incredible Benefits of Semen Retention

Would you be brave enough to prevent yourself from ejaculating for a week or more? What if we told you that sperm retention could help you last longer in bed? It can also bring you a ton of physical and psychological benefits! Take a look below to find out about the incredible benefits of semen retention!

What Is Semen Retention?

Firstly, semen retention is practiced by many men for various reasons. While it may seem like a trendy internet fad, it’s, in reality, an ancient practice that contains a multitude of proven health benefits. In a nutshell, men can practice semen retention while having sex, masturbating, or wholly abstaining from intercourse.

This ancient art of ejaculation control is a fundamental principle of Taoism. However, anyone can try it to reap its advantages. By preventing ejaculation and never releasing any semen, men can supposedly enhance various aspects of their lives, including mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Essentially, sperm retention requires strong muscle control. Plus, it also encourages self-control and discipline. But, it’s a personal matter for many men. Also, it can be a short or long-term activity.

There are also many reasons why men choose to practice semen retention. Some can do it for their spiritual beliefs, while others do it for the health benefits. Many men, on the other hand, use it to better their sexual performance.

Overall, the most basic technique is to stop before any sexual release. But, there are several other ways to practice semen retention. One involves trying Kegel exercises together with edging. That can sometimes result in orgasms without ejaculation. Regardless, it can be a frustrating practice to master, and it requires a lot of perseverance.

Understand the benefits of Kegel Exercise here.

Why Do Some Men Practice Semen Retention?

As mentioned, there are several reasons why men choose to do this.

Historically, the practice was a way to limit the release of sperm. It was believed to prevent several male health issues. That includes energy loss, disease, aging, and fatigue. Many still exercise retention in this way, with the idea that sperm release can waste a lot of energy. During retention, male sexual power can be redirected towards self-enhancement, success, and growth.

Apart from the spiritual reasons, men could do it as a sexual practice with their partner. Many fans of chastity play often combine it with some form of edging or orgasm denial. That way, it becomes a kinky fetish that many guys enjoy. In BDSM relationships, the practice is popular with doms, too. They can gain sexual pleasure from controlling their male partner’s ejaculations. In turn, men could get pleasure by having others control or deny their orgasms. Moreover, some could even practice it as a way to build up a bigger load of semen if it excites them or their partner.

Like we’ve said earlier, retention could postpone your sexual release. That is another reason why many (especially those in relationships) enjoy this activity. It can provide stronger control over the pelvic muscles, which can boost sexual stamina and allow men to last longer. Some studies have shown that it is an effective practice for premature ejaculation prevention.

What’s more, others can do it as an internet challenge or simply try it out of curiosity with no strings attached.

What Are the Benefits?

One of the biggest advantages is an increase in testosterone and sexual energy that occurs during retention. That can lead to increased confidence and improved mood. It can also cause better motivation and faster cognitive functions. That is why many professional athletes hold back from ejaculating or having sex before important events. It can also make the mind much clearer and increase your focus.

On a physical level, retention can result in muscle growth and enhancement of all male qualities. That includes a deeper voice, more substantial hair growth, as well as improved fertility.

And for proof that supports those benefits, a lot of research has had positive results. A lot of studies recorded a decrease in the testosterone levels of individuals who ejaculate frequently. Research has shown that testosterone levels can substantially rise in men who abstain from orgasming for a week or more.

It’s worth noting that some data claims that increased testosterone only peaks after one week. Nevertheless, countless studies have proven that retention is a beneficial activity for those who try it. And while there are many advantages, health experts have not yet found any dangers.

As for the spiritual aspects of semen retention, men can use this practice to gain a deeper understanding of their body and sex drive. Retention is said to deepen intimate relationships and result in an overall stronger life force.

Is It the Same as NoFap?

No, even though many often group the two, sperm retention is vastly different. “NoFap” is a support group that encourages men to abstain from porn and self-pleasure. It attempts to target some of the dangers of compulsive or addictive sexual behavior. With retention alone, it is still possible to have nearly any type of sex. However, men have to prevent any kind of release. The practice is also similar to “No Nut November,” which encourages male abstinence for an entire month.

However, orgasm retention actually encourages men to have all types of sex. As mentioned before, it can help with muscle and ejaculation control. However, it can also provide some gratification but without the reward of a massive release. That can also help some men improve their self-control.

Of course, it’s possible to practice orgasm retention without having sex, masturbating, or watching porn. If you’re simply curious and wish to explore some of its benefits, the best sex advice we could give you is to try to prevent yourself from ejaculating for a week or more. If you can handle it, you could witness some profound benefits.


Now that you know all about the fantastic advantages of sperm retention feel free to give it a go! Good luck!

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