Updated Friday, November 20th

Cultural competency: necessitate that faculty, staff, current and incoming students participate in training, programming and discussions on cultural competency

Academic Policy: ensure that the academic environment is accessible and respectful of students’ identities so that they may flourish

Prospective Students: extend resources to prospective students of diverse backgrounds and ensure their continued support

Hiring and Retention: increase diversity and ensure continued support of Amherst faculty and staff during and after the hiring process

Student Resources: increase the visibility of student resources to support and establish an inclusive community

Funding: improve the funding process so that it supports diversity on campus

Alumni and Outreach: reach out to current and former members of the Amherst community to improve the quality of alumni-student relations, and involve them in Amherst Uprising

Mental Health: prioritize the mental health of the student body through hiring diverse staff across identity and practice metrics, as well as updating current policies This list is a summary of the longer list of goals that the student body created on the evening of Saturday, November 14th. This list will be available when committees reconvene after Thanksgiving break.