Why You Should Have a Dedicated Sex Room

There are no requirements for owning a sex room, except for the desire to own it! 

Being on the freakier side sure is fun, especially when you have a room for it. In it, there’s no need to hide. Unleash all of your pent-up sexual energy and let it overcome you. Be the master of your sexuality and your partner… or be submissive — whatever you’re into. 

Let’s learn all about the benefits of having a sex room!

Bedrooms Are for Sleeping

Alright, did it ever cross your mind that something is missing in your sex life? Are you using all these new toys and trying new positions too, but nothing seems to click?

We know what your problem is — you’re doing it in the wrong room. 

It’s time to stop mixing business and pleasure. In this scenario, sleep is business — something you have to do every day. Sex is, of course, pleasure. Something you SHOULD do every day. Your bedroom is a place for you to relax and unwind — to kick your feet up after a long day. To sum it up, it’s your little sacred space.

The sex you have in your bedroom might be good, but it’s just not the same as it would be in a sex room. There’s not enough space for all the sexy furniture you might want. And, sometimes, you might not want the comfort of your sleeping bed and pillows.

Remember? Something is missing.

Sex Rooms Set the Mood for Having Sex

So you walk into your sex room, and you know what you’re there for. Everyone knows what’s about to happen. 

However, that’s just something you don’t get with sex in regular rooms. There’s no certainty that you’ll have sex — maybe one of you will be tired or not in the mood or simply change their mind. That’s why having a playroom is beneficial. You don’t even walk into it unless you know you want to get nasty. 

The design of your sex room is, of course, up to your liking, but its purpose remains the same for all. That’s right; it’s to have sex, explore, and have lots of fun. Not only does it set the mood, but it’s bound to make you feel more sexy and confident. Essentially, it’s a room where nothing is off-limits — except what you are not comfortable with. Once you have a sex room, you can create a refreshing look that matches your mood, and not some boring bed that makes you feel too comfortable and sleepy.

Did you know that what happens in your playroom, stays in your playroom? 

Sex Rooms Make You Dedicate Committed Time to Your Partner

Let’s say you and your partner work a lot. You spend a lot of time paying attention to other things. Maybe you even have kids or pets that need your attention too. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the time to commit to someone fully. Well, not anymore!

Now, let’s go back to something we know very well — bedroom sex! Firstly, you start to get in the mood, and suddenly, one of your children screams, or one of your pets makes a mess. Perhaps someone from work calls you about something urgent or your washing machine beeps, and now, your attention is elsewhere because distractions are everywhere. 

How do you shut that out? It’s simple — you leave all of that behind before you enter your personal dungeon. It’s so easy to get into the zone in a room like this — whose only purpose is to maintain your focus on the things about to happen.

Designing Your Sex Room

How do you actually design your little BDSM room? Well, it’s much more straightforward than you think. 

So, to clarify, the room is there to set a sexy mood. So what kind of sexy are we looking at? As with designing any room, you start with the basics — walls and floors. When you think of sex rooms, the first thing that comes to mind is red all around, but it doesn’t need to be! You can opt for any other color you find sexiest and make it a theme. 

Next up is furniture. Of course, you can put some regular furniture in there. For example, you can choose a bed and add a lot of BDSM toys to it if that suits your fancy. Otherwise, you can forget all about having a bed. It’s not about maximum comfort; it’s about maximum pleasure. Okay, include at least some comfort!  So, if you have swing fetishes, then this is where you can go all out in your sex room.

There is plenty of furniture to choose from. But you should always keep your room size in mind. How much can it handle? There are sex swings, sex slings, queening chairs, bondage racks, restraining benches… and the list goes on and on. Think about what you’re into at the moment. Then, think about what you might want to try later down the line.  Remember, that this is a place where you can go all out with your sexual fetishes.


And last but not least, it’s time to fill the room up with some sexy toys. If you’re looking into building a sex room, we trust you’re already familiar with toys. You can stick to the theme of the room, or you can fill it up with anything you like. Dildos, vibrators, whips, gag balls, latex suits — everything’s fair game. Keep in mind that you can always start small and expand your collection later. 


Who doesn’t like roleplaying a sexy interior designer from time to time? It’s easy to think about what you like and throw all the stuff in one room. 

But whoever you might let in, make sure your sex room is safe above all else, easy to maintain, and clean after each use. So step into a room that will make all of your sex dreams come true! Just be careful — you might never want to get out!