Tips on Keeping Your Sex Swing/sling Hidden

How to hide a sex swing? Well, this one question is constant whenever one buys or decides to buy a sex sling. You certainly don’t want your little nephew to make embarrassing queries about the kinky toy hanging from your ceiling. Thus, it’s best to keep your sexual fetishes hidden from the outside world. No worries, the post below offers a brief on how to successfully hide your sex swing or sling.

A big painting will help

One of the easiest and loveliest ways to skirt the sex swing in your room is to cover it with a big painting. So, if you are in a mood to buy a painting soon, make sure to get a large one. This way, you can take down your painting anytime whenever you are in the mood for some swing kinks.

Plants will be handy

Have you ever thought of getting indoor plants for your home? If not before, give it a serious thought now. You can unhook the swing from the ceiling-mounted hook and hide it in your closet. In regards to the hook, you can easily hang a nice planter from it to create a refreshing look when you have guests at home. And whenever you will be in a mood for some sensuous spin, you can easily take out the planter and hang the swing again. You can hang fake plants if watering is a botheration for you.

Get large bean bag

Do you know large bean bags serve dual purposes? Yes- added to being one of the coolest seats to relax at your best- these bags can even hide your kinky swing from your guests. In regards to hiding the hook, you can try any of the measures mentioned above or else hang your punching bag.

Bank on light fixture

This is another great method to hide the hook, especially if it’s installed at the very center of a room. Just make sure to get a light fixture with large base. First, you will remove glass cover of the light & install the swing hook within bulb compartment. Then, put back your light cover. Be careful as any mis-step here can break the bulb or may lead to serious accident. It’s better to hire an experienced professional to handle the job.

Install inside closet door

This is definitely a super-easy option. In this case, you will install the swing hook inside the closet door.  If you install the swing hook inside the door frame of your closet, no one will get a hint about your swing fetishes.  But this solution will mostly work if you have a large closet. The bottom-line is the closet should be sizeable enough to give you enough space to enjoy the swing pleasures. The swing can be kept hidden inside the closet. However, make sure to wrap it in a bag or packet before resting it in the closet.

Think of smoke alarm

Are you planning to get a smoke alarm? Great, get it before you buy your sex swing as it’s one of the coolest mediums to hide your swing hook. However, you will have to follow certain steps here to prepare the detector to cover up the hook. First, buy a one with enough depth to conceal the entire hook. Then, take out all electronics of it & drill a sizeable hole at its center. Now, you will simply have to mount the whole thing over the swing hook. It’s suggested to go for a one designed with hinges as these are a breeze to open & close.

So, which one are you going to try?